Easy Come, Easy Go:The Story of Pooptionary

Hello Pooptionary, Good Bye Pooptionary.
Russ Abbott is full of brilliant ideas; sometimes they come out smoothly, sometimes they’re a bit rough.  And sometimes, he doesn’t give a courtesy flush.  We ask him to, but seeing as he IS the boss around here and we’re really into recycling… it’s hard to make it a habit.  Long story short, Russ Abbott decided to start an Instagram page for “Pooptionary”.
The basic gist of it was people using the basic free form of their excrement to make a drawing, and then add it to the  “Pooptionary” Instagram page.  It’s like the Rorschach test of feces inspection.  The idea and the page went nuts and as soon as Russ made a couple posts, people were submitting their poop inspired drawings (the laxative companies can send the royalty check any day now).
By the time 8 hours, and as many hundred of flushes had passed, the page had over 800 followers.  It could have been viral poo. But there was trouble in poo-land. Somebody flagged the account.  At first, Instagram only took down a couple of photos, then the whole feed disappeared.  Russ was victim to a very vague letter, and the general idea was that they thought the page was shitty.
So long for now,  Pooptionary, we’ll be sure to visit when we need ideas about the next I&D coffee table book… We’re throwing around the title “Drawing Part Deuce.”