Guest Artist Jeff Johnson April 24th-28th!

 Ink&Dagger Tattoo Parlour welcomes guest artist Jeff Johnson  April 24th-28th, and his work is gnarly.  Check out his website at and contact him to make your black work, stipple or biomech dreams come true.

 Jeff will be visiting with tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko on their tour of the South before heading off to Puerto Rico, good times will be had.

Now EAR This!

Folio Magazine (Zurich) featured Russ Abbott’s rendition of the Vacanti Mouse on Jes Strickler’s  head in their article titled “The Reluctant Monster.”  We don’t speak or read German very well, but we think they liked it! 
The caption reads (we think!):”Work of tattooist Russ Abbott. Commented one fan: We have seen work like this but he’s taken it to the next level!”

The tattoo was made at the Red Tree Gallery in Columbus Ohio after Hell City Killumbous last year.   
Jes Strickler said “My head tattoo might be ridiculous or crazy to some people but I feel it’s one of the most innovative things done with a tattoo and a body part in a long time.  To have it recognized internationally is huge for Mr.Russ Abbott and tattooing. Thanks Russ!”
Ear, Ear, Jes and Russ! 

13 lbs,10 oz!! Ink&Dagger Tattoo Blog is NOW HERE!

birth tattoo pic

The birth of the blog was hot and laborious–but the Ink&Dagger  team pushed through.  Sweaty and frazzled, we present for your welcome our little slice of tattoo experience. Welcome to  the home of Atlanta’s finest tattooers and all the weird shit we do and the cool people who let  us do it to them–Ink&Dagger Tattoo Parlour.
It is our intent to open up the doors of Ink&Dagger so you (dear reader) too can experience the phenomenon that is our modest tattoo shop. We’d like to use this space to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.
Tattoo is a collaboration between artist and client, your ideas and body and our experience, art , and execution; this blog would like to reflect that collaboration. Plus, we have lots of cool shit to show you.
Fair warning… things can get a little weird and wild and will definitely get silly. Comments and feedback are encouraged, spam and jerks can write a letter to Santa.
Welcome to the world Ink&Dagger blog!!!!
(Photo illustration of birth scene is a collaboration between mAry d’Aloisio and Russ Abbott)