Tattooed Hearts–Janelle and Chris

“Something old, something new; something borrowed, something tattooed.”
Oct 14th, 2013 – Ink & Dagger friends and longtime clients Janelle Edison and Christopher Schmidt tied the tattooed knot last October at the Vinewood Plantation in Georgia.  A feeling of romance and timelessness breezed through the cool autumn air as the lovebirds made their commitments to each other under an old pecan tree in a casual (but chic) ceremony, surrounded by the love and support of their closest friends and family. 
We love them and their tattoos so much, we wanted to share a bit of their tattooed hearts with our readers.

How did you two meet?
We met in college in Denver, Colorado about 7 years ago. He had just gotten back from doing his culinary internship at Per Se in New York City and I had just started my freshman year of culinary school. One night, we both ended up a birthday party for someone neither of us knew. His tattoo was actually the conversation starter between us – Chris has a memorial piece for his father on his upper arm. It was a sweet story and I thought he was a total bad assAfter a few beers and a party trick gone horribly wrong (2nd degree burns, wrong), we exchanged numbers and the rest is history! 

How did family and friends react to your visible tattoos during the ceremony?
Covering them up never even crossed my mind. I actually chose my wedding dress based on how it accented my sleeve and back piece! As far as the family goes, we are lucky to have friends and family that are so non- judgmental and loving that the topic never even came up. I am the only one in my family with tattoos, so it was a little nerve racking being so exposed at first, but then I realized that they were all there to celebrate us on that day – which they did. Hard.  

What are your future plans?

Right after the wedding we packed our bags and headed home to sunny Denver, Colorado. We are so happy to have the mountains in our backyard again – so many activities! As for the future, we are working on our dream of opening our own restaurant here in Colorado and owning a home and raising a family in the mountains!
How are tattoos a part of your life?
Every tattoo has a story. They are daily reminders of important points in life, things we love and things that inspire us. I couldn’t imagine not having any work done; I am always thinking about my next piece!

What initially prompted you to get heavily tattooed? 
It was all about what Russ wanted to do with my idea. Size was never a concern of mine, so I just let him roll with it! I never actually thought about the size of my tattoos until Russ started my sleeve. He was like, “How does it feel to now be heavily tattooed female?” “Normal” was what I was thinking, not actually the fact that from now on, yes, sometimes you are going to get funny looks while at Target and no, not everyone is going to understand why you would do such a thing. But I find so much beauty in being comfortable in your own skin, that those things haven’t really affected me!

Do you and your husband share matching tattoos or tattooed stories?

Russ offered to do a ball and chain with our wedding date around Chris’ ankle  that one is still under discussionWe don’t have any matching tattoos…yet. We tend to like the same style though, so we stick to the same artists, like Russ, whose talent continues to amaze us!

June Guest Artists!

Pat Bennett

June is a wonderful time to visit Ink&Dagger Tattoo Parlour.  In addition to our amazing line up of all-star tattooists, we are honored to present to the greater Atlanta area some of the finest artists we know from around the country.

Travis Litke

Contact the shop to get information to book with the fabulous artists joining us this month 404.373.6655 (unless otherwise noted).

Tattoo by Pat Bennett
Tattoo by Pat Bennett
Tattoo by Pat Bennett
Tattoo by Travis Litke
Tattoo by Travis Litke
Tattoo by Travis Litke

If you’re visiting Ink&Dagger in the month of June and want to find some thing fun while you’re in the Atlanta area we suggest you check out The Creative Loafer website–or just ask ol’ Uncle Russ for a live banjo performance (We’re sure he’d be happy to oblige).