"A Match Made in Hell", Hell City Seminar

Russ and Gunnar love each other.
FK Iron’s Spektra Rotary made special for “A Match Made in Hell”.

Russ Abbott and Gunnar Gaylord teamed up at Hell City Columbus to break a few paradigms and co-teach a seminar together. Only “A Match Made in Hell” could ignite the professional tattooists in attendance in an information bonanza that covered topics from line weight to color composition and every combination of practical application in between. The comprehensive three hour tour featured both Gunnar and Russ’s extensive experience with concepts covered as well as a multi-media presentation, swag bags, giveaways, and a plethora of learning tools. The two led the group through wide-ranging concepts while playing off their shared experience and longtime friendship.

“If this was 1990’s Gunnar he would have made this reflective light in turquoise, where now we would prefer a neutral grey that will read as cool against these colors.” Russ playfully chided.
The dynamic between Gunnar’s art-based vocabulary and Russ Abbott’s practical application complimented the lessons delightfully, while engaging those in attendance and making time for their questions.
Did he say what I thought he said?
“These kinds of things are really good for me,” said longtime friend and accomplished artist in his own right Chris Dingwell. “It’s like a refresher, color theory and stuff that I learned in art school, but it’s really easy to take that stuff for granted. You forget about more than you realize. Sitting down and going back through it is really helpful; it really brings it back to the forefront of my toolkit. It was good for me to do that, it was fun. I thought they did great together. It was good to have that balance of technical information on one side and a little bit more experienced-based information on the other side and being able to go back and forth to see how to take that technical information, and how to use it.”
Step by step with Russ Abbott.

 The seminar goers were also rewarded with tools including Russ Abbott’s “Left-Brained Labels” and Gunnar’s own booklet of anatomical templates as well as True Tubes,and True Tube Grips. Two lucky participants left with surprise give aways from Eternal Ink and FK Irons.

Robby Soulliere won the Eternal Ink collection.
“Left-Brained Labels”–Russ Abbott’s innovative compulsion to categorize. 
The two will be presenting the seminar one more time at the upcoming Hell City Tattoo Fest in Phoenix, if you missed it in Columbus, make sure to reserve your seat at the next one!
Stay tuned for details!
“This is how I hold a pen.” Russ Abbott
Gunnar showing folks how to do it.

Chris Dingwell (dot com) cruisin’ for swag
Gabriel Cece wookin’ pa nub.

Button, button who’s got the button?

Mr.Abbott was hoping he’d won…

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