Ink & Dagger Does Hell City–Proper.

  “Qui si convien lasciare ogne sospetto;ogne viltà convien che qui sia morta.”Dante’s Inferno, Canto III, lines 14-15Loosely translated as
“Here one must leave behind all hesitation;here every cowardice must meet its death.”

Tattoo by Javier Rivera 
The Ink & Dagger crew faced their fears of leaving Atlanta to journey into the unknown(kind of, they do it every year).  They found themselves in a dark wood (Columbus, Ohio) (not nearly as dark as it was a gorgeous weekend and a tidy town) and entered the gates of Hell City.  While not nearly as dark or as hellishly warm as the name would suggest, and by invitation only, the place kind of looked cool (especially with all of the Suicide Girlsdecorating the halls and stage).  And they were not at all alone– they found that all of their friends were already there. It was in fact, not very bad at all–it was quite the opposite.  It was a devilishly good time.
Ink&Dagger was pleased, as always, to be a guest last weekend at The Hell City Tattoo Festival , and a first-class time was had by all.  Russ Abbott, Javier Rivera, Kelly Doty, and shop manager Keith Laguna drove up to “Killumbus” Ohio  to represent the Ink&Dagger booth at one of the greatest tattoo shows in the country run by longtime friend Durb Morrison.  The weekend was chock full of jaw dropping tattoos, good times with friends, learning, and teaching — sometimes consecutively, sometimes concurrent, most times a dash of each ingredient shaken and stirred.  
I&D Client Adam Petrillo–winning with the Suicide Girls
TimmyB and Kelly Doty sitting in a tree
Tattoo by Kelly Doty
The Ink & Dagger booth was a rockin’ all weekend long  with death defying acts of tattoo, blood, and friendship. Javier Rivera stayed neck deep in tattoos with his traditionally inspired flash he had available on a first come, first tattooed biases. They were joined by “Best Ink” contender and Kelly’s road trip buddy Teresa Sharpe who made a very spooky broken doll on her client’s neck.   Timmy B came by to collaborate with Kelly Doty on a goat head rising out of a bloody book booth-side on Saturday .   Russ Abbott was joined with long time friend Gunnar Gaylord to teach the ground-breaking Seminar “A Match Made In Hell” (complete details of this in the next blog), and even had client Adam Petrillo show up to take home the coveted 2nd Place Large Color trophy.   In a celebration of friendship and the macabre, there was plenty of blood.
Ink&Dagger was brave in the face of it all and even took a moment to party down with friends after hours There was a REALLY wine-laden discussion with Joe Capobianco (holy fuck what a nice conversation) and an afterhours, in room gathering  (sorry, to preserve the innocence that debauchery will be picture free).
Tattoo by Russ Abbott
The  team continued to party the Hell out of Columbus by doing a guest spot at Durb Morison’s Red Tree Gallery the days after the event.  
Javier Rivera
Don’t worry, they all made it home safe and while they were unscathed, they were definitely affected and recharged. 

Tattoo by Javier Rivera

Tattoo by Javier Rivera

Tattoo by Javier Rivera
Tattoo by Teresa Sharpe
Teresa Sharpe tattooing 
Joe Capobianco taking a moment withI&D booth buddy Teresa Sharpe

Timmy B collaboration with Kelly Doty
Kelly Doty’s party pics! xoxo

Collaborative tattoo by Kelly Doty and Timmy B
Rob Petillo’s award winning Russ Abbott Tattoo
Tattoo by Russ Abbott

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